Swarm of bees on two branches with several bees creating a bredige between the two groups

What is a complex adaptive system?

A complex adaptive system is comprised of a heterogeneous and diverse network of interacting and independent agents that learn and adapt over time. Complex system behaviors are often said to be emergent and subject to self-organization. In short, the macro-level behavior of the system is more than the sum of the micro-level.

CASI includes three major divisions


Strategic Initiatives – CASI

Led by George Poste, this division focuses on design principles of complex systems; research competitiveness in new domains; new connections of innovation; funding opportunities and new partnerships.

Ants forming a chain to get from one leaf to another

Consortium for Biosocial Complex Systems

Led by Sander van der Leeeuw, this division focuses on CASI’s educational mission on campus as well as research into Complex Adaptive Systems Science through the Consortium for Biosocial Complex Systems.

Masked scientist looking at a vial

Knowledge Networks Planning

Headed by Anna Barker, this division focuses on CASI’s Biomolecular research with an emphasis on personalized medicine.